Tomorrow, September 9th, our Queen will become the longest-reigning Sovereign in modern Canadian history, and the longest in all of British history. For nearly 64 years, Elizabeth II has reigned over a diverse and sometimes troubled Commonwealth of Nations, and somehow she has only become more beloved over time.

queen then and now

For her part, Her Majesty seems not likely to mark this historic milestone in an official way. That said, celebrations are taking place across the Commonwealth. In Canada, we have a particularly unique set of celebrations scheduled in municipalities from coast to coast. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our Dominion and Branch officers, and with the cooperation of municipal representatives and employees, well over 125 towns, cities and villages will be hosting a simple commemoration tomorrow in their communities. The municipalities range in size from Flowers Cove, NL, to Mississauga, ON.


In New Brunswick, at least nine municipalities will be hosting celebrations, and at Government House in Fredericton several events, including a stunning exhibit on the province’s connection with the Crown, will highlight the significance of the day.


Elizabeth II has given her entire adult life in service to her people. In her 90th year, she seems well poised to continue, as long as her excellent health should continue. May she continue to reign, gloriously, over each and every one of us.

God Save the Queen!