Drenched with rain though we may be, today Maritimers are preparing to welcome to their region the heir to the Canadian Throne. Charles, Prince of Wales and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, are due to arrive at 6:30pm today at Halifax Stanfield International Airport to begin a whirlwind Tour of Canada to mark several important milestones.


This will be the Prince of Wales’ 17th Canadian Homecoming (a phrase we monarchists like to use because it highlights the fact that members of our Royal Family are not foreign visitors but members of our national family, and as such are coming “home” each time they set foot on our soil), and the third for his charming.

This is, in fact, their third Canadian Homecoming in less than five years. It is part of a welcome phenomenon of frequent (albeit often brief) Tours by members of our Royal Family. In 2009, it was Charles and Camilla; in 2010, The Queen and Prince Philip; in 2011, William and Kate; in 2013, private working visits by several Royals; and now, 2014, the heir to the throne and his delightful wife.


Royal Homecomings have never been so frequent as they have recently become, and this is no doubt due in part to the very pro-monarchist attitude of the sitting Conservative government in Ottawa. It is likely also a result of The Prince of Wales’ own desire to familiarize himself further with the people over whom he will one day be called upon to reign as King of Canada. 

It is for this same reason that Tours to other parts of the Commonwealth are increasingly being undertaken by more junior members of the Royal Family, as the Queen herself knows how important it is that the transition following her death (God willing, that time will not come for many more years) be seamless. The stability of Monarchy has always relied on a strong image and a clear line of succession, and so Canadians (like Australians, Jamaicans, and others of the Queen’s subjects) need to be able to imagine Charles as their King. William and Kate (and now our darling George) are increasing their own Royal workloads so that the Queen’s Realms can also see a future beyond the Prince of Wales and into another century.


I think all Canadian monarchists are delighted to have such frequent opportunities to see in person members of our Royal Family. The more often they come among us, the surer will be the future of the Canadian Crown. 

Although I regret being unable to be in Halifax, Pictou, or Charlottetown to see our future King and Queen in person, I join the rousing chorus of monarchists everywhere in bidding them welcome! And, I might add, come again!