This was the letter I sent to the Editor of the Telegraph Journal this morning in response to a letter (which follows) from a writer in Vancouver. If you see similar letters in your local papers, please let us know so that the League can respond in a timely fashion. We must always be quick to respond when the dignity of the Crown is threatened. As Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote: “Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”
Dear Editor:
I fear that Mr. Cunningham in Vancouver has shown a misunderstanding of the true nature of Quebec separatism in his May 6th letter to you on the subject of the abolition of the Monarchy. Mr. Cunningham would have your readers believe that putting an end to the system of government that has served us well for nearly 150 years (and beyond) would somehow put an end to the crisis of national unity which sometimes arises.
There is no question that recent polls have suggested that support for the monarchy is lower in Quebec than in other provinces in Canada, but I fail to see the chain of evidence which proves that this lack of fervent monarchism in La Belle Province is the main reason that separatists are dissatisfied with the status quo.
In pointing to Australia for an example of a nation making great strides towards abolishing the monarchy, Mr. Cunningham has chosen a poor illustration, and also contradicts his earlier statement about monarchy being a system which is hard to market. The republican movement in Australia is in fact at its lowest ebb in generations, and I think the electoral defeat of the republican Ms. Gillard is proof of that development. What little hope the republicans had in that Realm seems to have been dashed during the recent Royal Tour of Australia, when little Prince George himself was dubbed “the republican slayer.”
This speaks to the fact that monarchy can indeed be a marketable system. At the moment, support for the Monarchy in Canada is far higher than it was a decade ago. Just because many monarchies have fallen and because there are fewer monarchies in the world than republics does not prove that one system is inferior to the other. One does not see republics becoming monarchies because the deep-rooted traditions and ancient rites which are intrinsic to monarchies cannot be created. We have those traditions and rites, and we should never let them go.
While not all Canadians are Monarchists, I would suggest to Mr. Cunningham that there are far larger issues affecting national unity than our non-partisan, bilingual, multicultural Crown.
God Save the Queen!
Barry R. MacKenzie
Chairman and Communications Officer
Monarchist League of Canada – Branch 81
Canada and England would fit seamlessly into the international community without the monarchy.

Its first and greatest benefit is that it delivers a forceful disincentive to the separatist movement in Quebec. After the disposal of the monarchy, everyone will take the oath of allegiance to Canada itself.

As humanity’s experience has shown, monarchy has never been a marketable system. Monarchies have been crumbling one after the other and, fortunately, it is impossible to convince a republic to convert its system to a monarchy.

What are we waiting for here in Canada? We must salute Australia for moving in the direction of a republican system. Its former prime minister, Julia Gillard, had the courage to make it her political platform during her campaign to end the monarchy in Australia and when the Queen and her husband visited Australia, she had the courage of her convictions and delivered the message by standing tall and graceful and refusing to curtsy. What a great moment it was for a nation moving towards a republican system! Unfortunately, a coterie of misguided and sexist politicians did everything they could to bring her down, but they cannot stop Australia from moving forward.

Time is marching on and we must act decisively. We must stop falsely and complacently accusing our French Canadians of trying to break up Canada. They are not! Instead, we must train our eyes and our united efforts toward removing the actual cause, which is the monarchy and its divisive effect on our lives in Canada.

Jeffrey Cunningham