Below is my reply to another letter by Ron Berdusco (also below) which appeared recently in the Daily Gleaner in response to my earlier reply to his concerns about the upcoming Tour of Canada by TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall.


Canada’s success rooted in the very foundation some would abandon

Re: the monarchy

Dear Editor:

In his recent letter, Ron Berdusco seems to be confusing the purpose of having a democracy with allowing everyone to have a chance to be the leader. I think it is a wonderful thing for children to be able to dream of one day becoming Prime Minister or the Governor General. We need dreamers to make this country better. As a matter of fact, it should be a greater dream to be appointed Governor General than to be Prime Minister, not because the GG is the more powerful (because we know the Prime Minister wields the real power) but because to represent the Sovereign is to represent all Canadians, not just those who voted for a particular partisan candidate, not to mention the fact that the GG also represents 400 years of monarchical history in this country.

Furthermore, I think Canadians should view the unattainable office of Sovereign not at something to covet but as something to be humbled by, not because we think the Queen is better than us but because her office represents all that is good and non-partisan and deep-rooted in our institutions of government. Children can grow up to effect great change in this country without becoming head of state. And as Sovereign, the Queen or one of her successors will be there to praise them and to maybe even invest them with honours to acknowledge their service to their nation.

Mr. Berdusco points to the success of our Olympic athletes and says that “we are a country that has come of age” and that “we have our own identity.” It seems to me that our impressive list of accomplishments and international standing might just have something to do with the foundations upon which this great country of ours was built. If we’re so gifted and fortunate, why pull the carpet out from beneath our success?

God Save the Queen,

Barry R. MacKenzie
Regional Coordinator (Maritimes) – Monarchist League of Canada 


We should have our own head of state

Re: If Canadians want to ditch the monarchy, where’s the evidence?

It seems to me that what Barry R. MacKenzie of the Monarchist League is suggesting is that there isn’t a Canadian who could fulfill the position of our head of state. Absolute balderdash!

As we know, the majority of functions that a head of state performs in our governmental structure are ceremonial in scope. So there is no one in Canada who has the skills or the wherewithal to perform those activities?

Well, we have a governor-general who is performing those duties now, so why does he need to report to a foreign, off-shore British aristocrat?

It seems to me that he should report to the citizens of Canada. Isn’t that our democratic way?

I would like Mr. MacKenzie to think about this: Currently, no child growing up in Canada can ever aspire to become our head of state. No, not through education, hard work or self-sacrifice can this be achieved.

What is this telling us and the whole world? That we Canadians are not good enough; we had the wrong parents; that we can’t have our own position that is above politics?

I encourage Mr. MacKenzie to open his eyes and his mind to what is best for Canada. Look what our Canadian athletes accomplished at the Sochi Olympics. Absolutely remarkable!

We are a country that has come of age, we have our own identity, and we should have our own head of state.

Ron D. Berdusco
Hamilton, Ont.