If Canadians want to get rid of the Monarchy, where’s the evidence?

R.D. Berdusco has taken to speaking on behalf of all Canadians, suggesting that monarchists are a tiny minority.

Furthermore, Berdusco states: “We want a Canadian as our head of state, we want it now…” If the majority of Canadians want a republic, where is the evidence? If 16.5 million Canadians (the minimum majority) wanted a republic, where’s the proof? Remember that none of our federalist parties have axing the monarchy on its platform, and no politicians of consequence have made more than a passing reference to a republic in many years.

Canada is independent and strong because of its rich constitutional path of development, and a hereditary headship of state does not mean we’re undignified. I’m sure that Britain, Norway, Thailand, Japan, and Spain would agree. If anything monarchy is more dignified because there is none of the partisan clamoring for the headship of state that we see in the US.

I am proud to be Canadian because my head of state is above politics, because there is a family at the head of my national society, and because this nation is not ashamed to stand on a platform of tradition.

The upcoming Royal Tour will highlight these important facets of our Canadian identity, and I think very few Canadians will be anything but pleased to welcome our future King and to show him that our attachment to his family runs wide and deep.

God Save the Queen!

Barry R. MacKenzie


Monarchist League, NB Branch


An embarrassment to Canadian pride and dignity

Re: Proposed Royal visit

Prime Minister Harper’s invitation to those British Royals for a May tour of three of our provinces is totally unwarranted.

The majority of my fellow Canadians share my opinion on this matter (check the public polls). It is not only a total waste of our taxpayers money, but more importantly, we should be severing formal ties to the British monarchy and directing our efforts to the establishment of a Canadian as our head of state … through the democratic process.

It makes me very despondent that Mr. Harper keeps genuflecting to an institution that has no value in our Canadian culture. It is the most undemocratic of all institutions because it is based not on our Canadian value system, but on a set of archaic hereditary factors that have long since outlived their usefulness.

How more regressive can our prime minister become on this issue? Mr. Harper has the opportunity while in power to lead Canada in a new direction. To one of total independence and full sovereignty with a Canadian as our head of state. But no, in my judgement he continues to embarrass our Canadian pride and dignity with a colonial attitude that the majority of Canadians reject (again, check the public polls). I must conclude that Mr. Harper’s vision of Canada does not reflect what we Canadians want.

We want a Canadian as our head of state, we want it now, and we want an end to the blatant subservience that monarchy conveys. We must close the book on all this aristocratic nonsense. It is most un-Canadian.

R.D. ‍Berdusco