Huntley Wishart, one of our loyal members, recently shared with me this story from the memory of his cousin, LAC Herman P. MacIntosh, formerly of the RCAF.


t’s amazing I can remember like it was last year.We were billeted in tents in Hyde Park for two weeks before and one week after the BIG EVENT. June 3,1953.We stood on the street from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.The parade passed us twice.Each time we saluted for 45 minutes with a 10 pound 303 rifle at chest level. We had a 5 min break at 10:am and another at 2:00 pm..It rained on some parts of the procession.We had been issued raincoats for our section but did not need to wear them. There were a lot of fancy carriages but the Queen’s Gold State Coach still stands out in my mind as being the highlight of the day. When we marched off some of the crew stumbled their legs were so stiff.
After the big day we attended various functions including the unveiling of Runnymead Memorial for lost Canadian Serviceman. When we got back to our home station we volunteered to go to help with flooding where the sea had come through the dikes at Brighton. It was a great adventure the whole summer.